The Style of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe has been placed in history as one of the greatest writers in America, and some would argue, ever. His style is very unique and reflects the sorrow and pain that he experienced throughout his own life. Famous for his poems and stories of lost love and death, he lives on through the written word, and is still a large icon for many individuals and groups as well.
In the Raven, probably on of his most famous works, which is written in the first person, he laments over his poor Lenore, apparently someone he loved very much, who has recently died. It is then that a raven comes through his window, after he hears someone at the door, but opens it to darkness. It says nothing but, “nevermore,” and says so just after he finishes asking it, jokingly at first, what it may be named. As things progress, he becomes more anxious, as the staring bird frightens him, and he begins to ask the raven if his lost Lenore rests in heaven. Still though, he gets the same response, which terrifies him more each time. At last, he can take it no longer and shrieks at the bird to leave, but yet it sits there, its eyes fixed on him, burning him and turning his spirits cold. And at the end of the poem, he remarks with dying will that his soul would be lifted,”nevermore.”
Now, for his time, he was incredibly new and his writings caused may people fascination, as they continue to today. The impact of Poe’s writing led for him to become very popular, especially around the time of The Raven. For a short while, he was doing well, though this was not to last, as his love died, and of the same disease that killed his mother; “the red death,” or tuberculosis. This misfortune did truly, though a horrible occurrence for the already sad Poe, allow him to delve deeper into his sorrows, and pull from his mind and heart tales of wonder and amazement, all with a twist, and a usually a tale of tragedy and loss. This ability, giving uniquely to him from his background growing up with an abusive foster father, was something that gave his writing an edge.
His stories could send shivers down your spine, but yet at the same time, leave you thinking about the true morals of people, and what fear can do to someone. When read, they leave an impression, and the story lingers in your mind, sometimes for days, and sometimes for years, and sometimes for a lifetime. Within the pages of his works, you can take a glance at the poor life of Edgar Allan Poe. His style certainly utilizes the ability to be concise, while still getting the feeling of a full novel through. This mixed with the subtle intensity of the words themselves make a recipe for a timeless classic, and whether intended or not, they have become just that.
Having witnessed death take several of those he loved, his stories all call on his sad past to create vivid imagery and poetry that stirs emotion and can entrance readers. His style is still renowned and well known to this day, and will most likely continue on that way for generations to come.


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